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Sheepskin Pet Beds Liners

Your pet will really love having it's own luxuriously thick and comfortable sheepskin liner bed mat that is warm and cosy in winter, and cool in summer. These sheepskin pet bed liners can be washed repeatedly to keep them clean and fresh, and can be cut to the size you need.

Sheepskin pet bedPamper your pet with a sheepskin pet bed liner. These sheepskins can be used in your animal friend's bed box, basket, crate or kennel to keep them cosy and warm throughout winter, and comfortably cool in summer. Just lie one near your favourite armchair and your pampered pet will be as happy and contented as Jake and Elwood (pictured).

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These pet bed liners are extra  large medical sheepskins that have some slight imperfections (this makes them unsuitable for medical purposes) however they make excellent thick and cosy pads for your pet. They come in a natural shape however they can be cut to any size to suit your pet's needs. You will find the pet bed liners easy to care for as you can wash them repeatedly in your washing machine in cold or warm water and they will last for many years to come.

Sheepskin pet bed liners are great for use in the home, in the car, at boarding kennels and for veterinary purposes.

As well as being used for pets, these multi purpose skins can be used for all kinds of other uses around the home.  Wherever it is not necessary to have a top grade skin, these very reasonably priced skins are absolutely perfect.

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    Sheepskin Pet Bed Liners

    Jake and Elwood love sleeping on their sheepskin mats.

    $79.20 inc GST

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    Westhaven Pet Bed Mat Large 100cm x 80cm

    Sheepskin offcuts are sewn together to form this pet bed mat. Colours can vary

    $71.50 inc GST

  • SKU
    Westhaven Pet Bed Mat Small 60cm x 40cm

    Sheepskin offcuts are sewn together to form this pet bed mat. Colours can vary.

    $49.50 inc GST

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