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This page has been created to allow customers to send their credit card details to our secure server under the following circumstances:

  1. When a customer orders a product that is not on our website. We are frequently asked by customers to source products in Australia that are not a part of our normal product line. Under these circumstances this page can be used to securely send your credit card details to us for payment.

  2. Sometimes when a customer places an order a mistake is made in inserting their credit card details which invalidates the card. Common mistakes are transposing two number for example "86" is inserted instead "68" or giving an incorrect card expiry date. If this happens the customer can securely send their amended credit card details without having to resend the complete order.

To send you credit card number using this page click on the "Add To Cart" icon below which will take you to the Shopping Cart. In the Shopping Cart click on the "Proceed to Checkout" icon and then fill in your details and when finished your details will be sent to our secure server for processing.


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