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Didgeridoo Spirit - David Hudson


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Yet another example of how versatile David Hudson really is. This album has been regarded as a showcase of his ability to make the didgeridoo talk. It passes through many moods and provides you with a feeling of


  • Didgeridoo & Vocals - David Hudson
  • Keyboard & Harmonica - Kirk Steel
  • Drums & Percussion - Joe Vizzone
  • Acoustic & Slide Guitar - Wayne McIntosh
  • Violin - David Martin

Tracks on this CD

  1. Rainforest Wonder
  2. Talkative Didg
  3. Yigi Yigi
  4. Ariah Park "Tresern"
  5. Didgeralia
  6. Scrub Talk
  7. Steel Country
  8. Didge Maker
  9. Messenger
  10. Determination
  11. Hooks "Reef Images"

Duration - 49 mins has customers in: Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Switzerland, USA (including Alaska & Hawaii), Canada, England, Ireland, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Japan, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Martinique and more........

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