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Wool and Cotton Quilts, Comforters, Mattress Pads

Whether you live in a warm climate or a colder region we have the perfect solution for your bedding needs. Our wool and cotton bedding products include comforters, quilts, duvets, mattress pads, mattress protectors, underlays, underblankets and pillows all made by well known Australian manufacturers from the finest Australian wool and cotton.

Note: A bed comforter has several names around the world - each referring to the same item. Other names for a bed comforters includes quilt, duvet or Continental Quilt. A bed mattress pad is also known in different parts of the world as mattress protector, underblanket or underlay

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Comforter, Quilt, Duvet

 Wool and Cotton Quilts, Comforters, Duvets

 A great range of Australian made wool and cotton bed comforters, (quilts, duvets) to suit all needs. If you live in the    warmer parts of the world or the colder parts there is sure to be a comforter to suit you from our extensive range.

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Mattress Pad, Mattress Protector, Underlay

 Mattress Pad, Mattress Protector, Underblanket or Underlay

 An Australian made wool or cotton mattress pad or mattress protector (underlay, underblanket)  will add that extra dimension of comfort to your bed for a more restful nights sleep.

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Comforters Quilts Duvets

Specialty Wool Quilts

Underblankets Underlays Mattress Pad

Specialty Wool Underblankets

Wool Bedding Advantages

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