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 A History of the Australian Aboriginal - Part 1
Aboriginal Art....A Written Language
by Colin Jones

Colin Jones takes us on a journey of discovery with this video into one of the most fascinating yet often misunderstood aspects of Australian Aboriginal culture, that of art as a highly specialised form of written Aboriginal language.

Australian Aboriginal Art"The art of Aboriginal Australia in its many forms and styles has gained extraordinary popularity with galleries and private collectors world wide. It has become the face of our culture.

All Aboriginal Art, ancient or contemporary, conveys a story and provides a record of our history, documenting events and human experiences with the earth, our Mother.  It carries our culture for future generations and tells of how to look after the land, hunting and gathering, our creation, Dreamtime stories and of our ceremonial and spiritual traditions.

Learning to read our art is like reading a book that provides a greater insight and understanding of the oldest living culture on earth.

It will take you on an enchanting journey of discovery and truth."

Colin Jones is an acclaimed Aboriginal historian and artist of Aboriginal, Polynesian and English descent.

Colin's Aboriginal heritage belongs with the Kalkadoon (Western Queensland) and Nunuckle (Stradbroke Island, Southern Queensland) tribal groups.

Born in 1947 Colin's passion and broad knowledge of Aboriginal Art was inspired and fuelled during his early childhood, in the time spent with his Aboriginal grandfather, learning the traditional practices that had been handed down for countless generations.

Colin is currently Gallery Manager and Historian at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Cairns, Queensland.

Available in PAL and NTSC formats.

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